Words to feed the Soul

"Because paper has more patience than people."
United States Navy

As well of as I am alone, it’s nice to have affectionate company around. And to be completely honest, if I were to get into anything serious, I would love to have a partner in crime, a motivator as a lover of mine.

The wait can be so dreary and long, but maybe it needs to be. I guess the right person comes along, they’ll come back around when the time is right, before we feel most comfortable in vulnerability and carry confidence in our lives we have created individually. Or maybe you have already met one another, but the timing was off during that moment of life, then somehow run into one another at a better state.

And those people are the lucky ones.

It’s most important to become your own best friend and to enjoy ones company instead of filling a void with only temporary people. Granted many people you’ll come by in your lifetime that are only temporary, and many of them will carry an impact on you, but save your heart for the lucky ones. Save some space for self acceptance and then make room for more lucky ones, man, woman, and/or child.

There are some people worth waiting for, but never put yourself worth and love on hold for someone else.


Don’t wake me up cause I’m in love with all that you are


Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)  I am determined to paint this

I like tall buildings, sky scrapers, crowded cities, the sound of cars passing by, reminding me that our life is alive even though are mouths are silent.

I enjoy the country side, with endless sunsets and sunrises, and being able to see the moon and stars in the clear dark sky. Each of those places carry an escape, whether it be the stillness of the country side, or the rumbles of a city that never sleeps.

I’ve been lost in one place
because I’ve been avoiding the space of adventure. I need to follow a specific order, a plan, that will help be a map to my next stop. But what I have come to realize that with choices made, comes different opportunities or even better ones than expected.

Sometimes these options, these passage you take, can change your heart some way. a heart can be shattered, but what counts is if you find and believe that you carry the strength to rebuild again, no matter the difficulty.

Whether the path I’m chosen leads me to the simple, open plains and endless sunrises and sunsets, or the clustered, rumbling sleepless city, or even a foreign land where tongues speak differently; the emotions, the mind, the lessons will be the same despite your settings.

I prefer to stay in a sleepless city for the very idea that I do not like to be left in silence, for my mind will wander, endlessly. But really, I wouldn’t mind sitting in the open plains, lying down thinking endlessly of the freedom my mind has.
I think I may even let myself cry because no one is around me (I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve).


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